The Merchants of Spice II

The Merchants of Spice II

Project Brief:

The Merchants of Spice II is far more than just a carbon copy of its antecedent. The restaurant has its own identity and provides diners with an exclusive dining experience which we were eager to help create. We used a range of bespoke furniture designs and luxurious upholstery to create a decadent yet cosy atmosphere that complements the aromatic food.

Design Approach:

The building layout was changed to accommodate a new floor layout design which gave us more space to work with. The new restaurant keeps some of those traditional Merchants of Spice characteristics that will be familiar to diners in Norwich. One example is the bespoke bar with a classic deep-button upholstery front – mirroring the style of the first Merchants bar. This is complemented by the lux upholstered banquette seating, which is adaptable for both large parties as well as intimate couple dining. The colour scheme, in particular the plush golds, adds to the ambience and overall dining experience.


The delicate and intricate patterns on the armchairs hint at the wonderful Indian culture of the restaurant and complement the dark oak table tops. The bench seating is delicately upholstered with the impressive Panaz stingray fabric in the colour gold. The rich gold colours are a theme that runs throughout the restaurant: on the bar front, seat upholstery and high stools as well as the Zoffany Lustre Tile wallpaper. Deap teals accompany the stunning golds and look impressive alongside the dark oak woodstains. Teal can be seen in the Panaz Aston faux leather, in the Zoffancy Orissa Velvet fabrics in Azure Blue on the seats and in the blue-bench seating.

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