Station Smokehouse

Station Smokehouse

Project Brief:

We worked intensively with the owners of this necessarily narrow establishment (the grill is nestled on the platform beside the railway line) to maximise the covers that could comfortably be made available in the restricted space. This allowed us to be pretty creative. Bespoke design means we are able to fit the furniture to the space provided.

Design Approach:

The booth seating gives the restaurant a cosy atmosphere whilst making the dining experience that bit more private and intimate. The seating is positioned in rows which hints at the railway theme. We opted for chequered upholstery in muted rust tones to mimic the smoky ambience of the food and create a relaxed environment with warm tones.


Industrial chic pipe lighting provides a spotlight on each table top and booth. With this highlight in mind, we opted for solid wood table tops that matched the rustic wooden wall panelling and floor boards. The booth bench seating was built bespoke.

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