Handmade Burger Co - East Kilbride

Handmade Burger Co - East Kilbride

Project Brief:

Brown Studio has the contract to design all the new branches of Handmade Burger Co. Their designs are in keeping with the company branding whilst making each branch unique and reflect a little of the heritage of the location. We were asked to contribute our own sustainable contract furniture to the East Kilbride project.

Design Approach:

Handmade Burger Co. restaurants have an industrial chic feel. The East Kilbride branch is located in the town’s new leisure hub. The large open space was made to feel more intimate by the use of zoning techniques – different tiling patterns on the floor and our brightly coloured benches.


We provided three different types of bench seating. At one end of the restaurant we installed back to back booth seating in royal blue faux leather. On the opposite wall, we supplied benches in the same colour but with a square fluted back. Along the central aisle, the benches were in a vibrant yellow and featured floating button back seating with the addition of wooden toggles. The space also hosts our rustic oak table tops.

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