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Interior Design 17/08/2018

Seasonal Updates to Make this Autumn

azalea cameo soft seating perfect for autumn

This summer has seen unprecedented temperatures, with most of the country feeling like the Mediterranean throughout the heatwave, but now as the days begin to cool it’s time to look ahead to autumn. While your key furniture and décor should be suitable for year-round use, it’s important to make small changes to really maximise your space and make customers feel welcome. Restaurants, pubs, hotels and bars can all benefit from embracing the changing seasons. Just as you swap jugs of Pimms for mugs of mulled cider and replace the summery salads for hearty roasts on your menus, you should take a similar approach to your decor.  

Seasonal Updates

As the seasons change, so do your customers’ needs. Anticipating and adapting your space is a great way to ensure the best experience is had at your establishment. 

  • Keep out the cold. Nobody wants to sit at a table in a restaurant or pub that feels the cold each time the door is opened, so move tables away from any entrances. If your entrance opens into the main area, consider putting up a curtain or partition to separate the entrance, creating a mini foyer. 
  • Make space for hanging coats and scarves. Invest in coat racks to avoid wet clothing being hung over the back of chairs and sofas, and provide more room between seating and tables to allow enough room for customers to comfortably remove a coat.  
  • Move soft seating towards fireplaces and focal points. Make your venue feel cosy by maximising alcoves, corners and focal points with snuggle seats, sofas and armchairs. A seat by the fireplace is a coveted spot, so put larger sofas as well as armchairs by the fire to allow as many guests as possible to enjoy the warmth of the fire. 
  • Play with seasonal decorations. Bring the outside in and make a feature of autumnal decorations, as well as pumpkins, squashes and pinecones, choose coneflowers, dahlias and crocuses in your arrangements. Seasonal flowers and decorative items can also be used to highlight seasonal dishes or drinks on your menu to drive interest and sales. 

Does your business need more than a few seasonal updates? Get in touch with our design team to see how we can provide the furniture and fittings for a full refurbishment that you and your customers will love all year round.  Call us on +44 (0) 1603 266265 or contact us via email at

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